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Why Us

In this page we will mention 10 good reasons for why you should consider using our website. We will compare our website to the other market places we are selling on, such as eBay, and highlight the differences between the two.


Benefits of using our website in comparison with eBay:

1- Better discount rates than eBay.

2- Flat rate shipping cost that does not increase significantly if weight/quantity increases.

3- Lower Tax rates. We charge 10% VAT for some countries while on eBay we charge their default 20% VAT rate.

4- Automatic submission to live tracking updates that you will receive regularly by email.

5- If signing up to Facebook updates at order's confirmation page; you will receive regular updates from us in regards to your order, using Facebook messenger.

6- Easier to add more than one item to the basket, and apply same discount to all items. On eBay you have to use their best offers methods, which is not a straight forward process for combined items.

7- Higher quantity of items in stock on our website than eBay. On eBay all items are limited by a quantity of 5 or less. On our website you can buy up to 15 items for each fragrance available in stock. Quantity can be increased by your demand.

8- You can view the items on our website according to your preferred currency by changing the currency symbol on the currencies menu. eBay limits you to the currency of the eBay market place itself, and your browser's local currency of the IP Address you are using.

8- We have a live chat support on our website. On eBay you rely on their messaging system as their only authorised method of communication.

9- We have a shipping calculator on our website. This functionality does not exist on eBay as you have to view the shipping costs on every item's page separately.

10- On our website you can pay using one of several payment methods such as credit and debit cards as well as PayPal and even BitCoins. On eBay you are limited to using PayPal only.