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About Us

Welcome to United Scents perfume brands.

We are an authorised wholesale distributor for some worldwide retailers. We are VAT registered as business sellers, and obtained all the legal rights that allow us to sell branded fragrances to any destination of the world.

We comply with the international distance selling act which state that any branded designer fragrance is permitted to be sold online to the mass market as long as the items are New, unboxed, un-opened, sealed, and come in their original retail packaging. All of the fragrances that we are selling are meeting this description, and none of them is used, open, a tester or marketed as not for sell unless when specified otherwise.

Shipping Policy:

Please be aware that all of our fragrances are located in USA (Despite that we are UK sellers), this is because our supplier's warehouse is located in United States. This means that our fragrances are available for domestic shipping within USA as well as international shipping to all parts of the world from United States. Shipping speed varies based on the delivery company, destination and type of service. Please check out our shipping information which is already written inside the description area of all of our fragrances, in order to know which services are available for your country and how much they cost.

Please note that the photos of our listings have been sourced from our suppliers, no copyright infringement is intended. The photos are used for illustration purposes only. For example, if a photo shows a perfume product sitting next to its retail box; it does not mean that the item is unboxed or opened, nor it means that you will get two units of the same fragrance for the suggested single price. The photo is simply showing what the perfume bottle may look like if it is outside of the box as well as the box itself. Another example is that the photos might be digitally enhanced, which means that some photo editing software might have been used to apply enhancements on its presentation, making it look better, such as colors can be more vivid and glossy. The real product may not look exactly as how these pictures are, and the colors of the perfumes and the liquid inside of them might not be exactly the same level of colors tone. Such colors might look slightly brighter or darker on different monitor screens as well. We do not alter anything in these photos and we publish them exactly as how we receive them.

Returns Policy:

We provide a 60 days period to accept returns (or 30 days from delivery date) in one condition that the items must not be opened (still sealed in retail packaging). We provide tracking facility for most of the parcels that we are sending, unless the customer chooses a delivery method that is not supported by tracking, or when it is mentioned otherwise that tracking is not supported. If your parcel can be tracked then we will send you the tracking information by email as soon as we ship the parcel, so please use it and keep an eye on the progress of your order's delivery. If the parcels get delayed, seized, or lost by postal carriers, then please don't held us responsible for it. We will help you and do everything we can do to solve the problem and trace the roots of it. In many cases you might need to contact the carriers personally, and we can assist you in getting in touch with them. Please also be aware that customs charge and duty fees are out of our control and such matters are subject to the law and regulations of the government where the parcel is getting sent to, therefore please be prepared for such kind of expense on top of what you've paid to get your order. We got nothing to do with customs authorities, nor that we are getting paid anything for it.

If you have any other questions then please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Best Regards,
United Scents perfume brands.