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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

We have a super awesome Loyalty program that is hard to resist.
Earn points with every purchase and redeem points for anything on our store!

Membership is 100% FREE! All plans come with ZERO registration fee and ready to be used immediately.

The deals we have at the moment are:

- Same Day Redemption (Platinum Plan): Up to 40% discount value.

- Flexible 3 Days Redemption (Gold Plan): Up to 35% discount value.

- Standard Redemption (Silver Plan): Up to 30% discount value.

- Lifetime Redemption (Bronze Plan): Up to 25% discount value.

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There is no other offer on the internet that gives you up to 40% back! We pride ourselves to be among the very few companies that offer this generous kind of deals.

Only members of our website can take advantage of this program. Therefore please create your new account now (it is free) even if you have no plans on making a purchase. New account registration will roll you automatically in the Bronze package. However, you can always request an upgrade to any other plan for free. Simply check out the comparison table above, and click on the "Request" button on any plan that you want us to switch you to.

With the exception of the Bronze plan, All points earned will expire at some stage. Therefore it is best to use these points along with your new purchase, or straight forward after your purchase. This allow us to combine all of your orders in one parcel so that you receive them promptly and conveniently. Bronze and Silver packages are not linked with paid orders, and you don't have to buy multiple items to combine them. But Gold and Platinum plans require a minimum of two orders to be checkout out, so that we can combine all items in one parcel for you.

You can check your membership details and points balance easily by visiting your account's page, which can be accessed by clicking on the button of the User Icon Buddy on top of the website between Cart and Search buttons.

Join now and start saving up.

Welcome aboard!

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