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Coupon Codes

Automatic Coupon Codes


We have replaced static coupon codes with automatic ones. The way the system works is as follows:


* Add at least £49 worth of items to your Cart, and you'll automatically receive a 10% discount.

* Make it £99, and you'll automatically receive a fantastic 15% discount.

* Top it up to £149, and you'll automatically receive a generous 20% discount.

* You'll be regularly updated with a notification banner, whenever you add a new item to the Cart, informing you about how much is left for you to reach each specific discount target, until you reach at least one of the targets necessary. It is not mandatory to achieve any of these goals, but this means you won't be eligible for receiving discounts for items of total of less than £49, unless you have another coupon code that you want to use in the Checkout area.

* The discount WILL NOT BE visible in your Cart's page (you will see a notification banner informing you that you met a certain target, and telling you how much discount that you've earned). Therefore please don't be discouraged from continuing to the Checkout page, probably thinking that the total price in your Cart is final (after applying the discount). This is NOT the case. The discount will be applied in the Checkout page, AFTER you leave the Cart's page.

* If you have an account with us and you are a member of one of our Loyalty Point's plans, then please note that having a coupon code in your Checkout page WILL reduce the amount of loyalty points that you can earn to be redeemed for at a later stage. This note is especially important to our Gold and Platinum plan users, because the value of discounts for your points worth a higher percentage of value than the coupon codes themselves (The discount levels are 25% for Gold members, and 40% for Platinum members). Therefore, you can manually delete the Automatic coupon code from your Checkout's summary page if you want to earn the maximum value of discount for your money.

* Static coupon codes can still be used. If you have a regular coupon code that worth a better discount value than the automatic ones; then please follow the same advice of the paragraph mentioned above, and delete the automatic code from your Checkout's summary page. After doing that, you can manually insert your coupon code instead.


* Note: Better discounts can be offered to customers who want to buy several items in bulk, or use a non-free shipping service, or both. Please contact us for full details.


Information was last updated: 05/05/2017